Friday, October 23, 2009

Rock Climbing Near Ottawa!

The Eardley Escarpment as some call it, is a huge area of granite cliffs with bouldering, trad, and sport climbing for all levels and abilities. It is located very close to the Ottawa/Gatineau area in and around Gatineau Park. The cliffs are a great place to learn or a place to challenge yourself. Be weary that some of the routes here were graded a long time ago, so, add a few grades to some of the older climbs. Peggy, 5.8, is a classic on the 'Home Cliff' and is a must for any traditional climber. In the fall with the changing, colorful leaves these crags are highly recommended! This is a really good, extended, and informative GUIDE!!
Link: Luskville Crags Guide

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  1. Hello Allen, I've got some family in Ottawa and was curious about the possibility of climbing near there. Stoked to find this page but dissapointed the links didn't work for me. Perhaps they've expired?