Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cuba Climbing!!!

Most people by now have heard of the unreal rock climbing in Cuba! Amazing people, awesome climbing and an unforgettable experience, make this place a premier destination. Karst Limestone sport climbing is the theme and there is a little something for everyone! Travelling to Cuba can be a bit of an adventure, especially for an American, but it is worth the effort. Typically you need to be sure to orgainze yourself very well before going with all your accomodations and plans worked out before being able to even enter the country. Make sure to look into it, this site offers some great info. The link is to the Cuba climbing web site that should get you started on the right path. Another addition to the tropical climbing destinations.

Link: Cuba's Climbing Site

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  1. I like your climbing images in Cuba; Images shows that you really had great time there. Even everyone wants to visit cuba once for collecting such unforgettable memories of climbing, caving. Thanks for sharing this images with us!!