Friday, October 23, 2009

High Rim Trail - Okanagan Valley!

The High Rim Trail is a backpacking/hiking trail that extends from Vernon BC all the way to Kelowna BC along a very scenic sub-alpine area. The hiking is never too strenuous, the view is amazing, and the ambience is soooo great you will remember it for a long time! There are many options; from a simple day hike, to a 52km, 3 day trip, there are many access points along the way that allow you to shortcut parts of the route. There are also many good backcountry sites along the way and you could even ski/snowshoe the trail during the winter months. All the access points are good with a 2WD and this is a must on anyone's list visiting or living in the area that is an avid outdoors person. Included here is a very nice map of the trail and the surrounding area. Hope it helps.....Enjoy!

Link: Map Of High Rim Trail & Area

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  1. Allen

    Could you make the map available in a pdf format?