Friday, October 23, 2009

Bouldering Near Ottawa!

There is so much climbing around the area and who knew! Hahaha! In this post there are two areas included: First, there is the CeGep (quebec junior college) Boulders that are located right near the college, pretty much in downtown Hull (which is right across the river from Ottawa). The quality is very good and  there is lots of hard problems to be had. Second, located near the Luskville climbing area is 'The Shrine Boulders'. The rock is amazing, and the boulders here are worth the journey, especially during the hot summer months. Get out here and climb if you live here or if you are on the way through. The Ottawa Valley is a truly beautiful spot~!
Link: CeGep Boulders Topo
Link: The Shrine Boulders Topo


  1. Where is the second photo taken? I'm from Wakefield QC, near Ottawa, and never knew?!?!?!?!

    1. the photo is from Down Under area
      at Luksville QC close to Ottawa

  2. Exactly where are the Cegep boulders?