Monday, October 26, 2009

Ice Climbing In New Brunswick!

There IS Ice in New Brunswick and there is actually a small, faithful community as well. There is quite a lot of ice further to the south, but really, it is scattered everywhere, there are also tons of mixed climbs established amongst the areas! The Bay of Fundy, Saint John and Grand Falls are just some of the concentrated areas. I don't know if there is anyone viewing my page that has an excuse to go here, but if you do, go climb some ice. I personally have a lot of family in the Maritmes so....I will be bringing my tools if I ever visit in the winter cause it looks goooood!!! Tons of routes and potential, barely any avy hazard and no people! There is a really good website with current conditions and beta and a great guide included! EnjOY!!
Link: Ice Climbing NB - Website
Link: New Brunswick Ice Climbing Guide

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  1. Hey, thanks for noticing our ice climbing!

    New Brunswick has great ice climbing - lots of variety, some hard stuff, long stuff, and its divided between a number of wildly diverse settings. There's coastal stuff starting off the Bay of Fundy beaches as well as some real rad stuff in the Highlands. Recently there's been some new Mixed routes going up, still not too many, but they're growing. This winter two M7's were put up. Besides those there're well over a hundred pure ice routes.

    And I have to say, we've got a pretty great little community here. Our local Ice Fest is coming up in a couple weeks and should be a great party.

    Hope you get a chance to visit sometime. The rock climbing is good too... over 500 routes at the last count. Plenty of trad on granite. Real nice.

    Enjoy your winter,