Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rock Climbing In The Yukon!

There has been a bunch of people developing some really good looking rock climbing near Whitehorse, YT. The community is strong and their site seems to cover everything you would need to get out. The rock is mainly limestone and granite, and it offers lots of sport, trad with tons of potential just waiting to be discovered. Every summer they even host a awesome bouldering festival at a place they call IBEX! The bouldering around this place looks wonderful! Just knowing this climbing exists offers another excuse for me to get up off my ass and make a trip to the Yukon! Between the amazing rivers, alpine climbing and now rock routes, a road trip here looks like it is more than worth the effort! I will be trying to add more beta about the Yukon in the near future. Enjoy this cool find!!
Link: Climb Yukon Web Page

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  1. thats sweet to know there is climbing almost every where you go in canada.
    brandon O