Friday, November 6, 2009

Riggins, Idaho.......The Bouldering & Sport Climbing Is Fantastic!

If you are planning on heading down to City Of Rocks, Idaho (highly recommended), this is another place to stop on the way. The bouldering here is so full of flavour and the sport climbing is great too. There are so many amazing lines waiting to be sent here it is really hard to believe. Between the City of Rocks, Massacre Rocks and Riggins (oh with some sick paddling too) there is no reason not to road trip here. The sport climbing guide included here is focused on the amazing steep limestone located in the Hell's Canyon (Snake River) area and the bouldering guide is mainly focused on the Gneiss boulders near the Salmon River. All the climbing areas are located in the direct vicinity of the "Idaho Paddling" section of this blog. So one could easily make up a multi-activity trip in here, it would be well worth it! I could not think of a better place close to home to make an effort visiting, this region offers a wonderful experience in the outdoors!  The climbing and paddling in Idaho is really exceptional, I simply cant say anymore, get out there! Once you get into the area you can easily pick up a better guidebook to the paddling, climbing, and hiking at one of the many outdoor shops. Have a great time!
Link: Riggins Bouldering
Link: Riggins Sport Climbing

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