Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raven Adventures~Jasper, Alberta!!

In 2005, I moved from Ontario to Jasper with 12 friends of my friends from Outdoor College in Ontario. Highly trained and motivated, we somehow ended up taking over the rafting industry in Jasper. My good friends Steve and Chris now run this awesome Outdoor Adventure company called Raven Adventures and it is now one of the most successful companys in town! At the beginning the company was completely focused on Rafting and now 5 years later it has expanded due to the hard work of many Outdoor Adventure graduates and students! I am so proud to have been part of all this. I am sharing this on this page so if anyone is ever in the area and looking to do something fun and experience the beauty of Jasper, these are the guys to hook up with! Just to name a few activities; the Sunwapta River and it's awesome class III+ whitewater, Mt.Edith Cavel with its amazing alpine experience, Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon which are great mellow experiences for all ages and many more! I'm sure in the future they will be expanding their operations to include many other options!  Check them out!!
Link: Raven Adventures


  1. Living the outdoor life vicariously through you, your facebook photos and now this blog. Thanks cuz!

  2. what happened to Raiko?