Friday, November 30, 2012

Backcountry Skiing In B.C - Resources

The season is off to a good start here in British Columbia. Just the end of November and there has been lots of sunny, stable days with blower snow! There are many resources out there for skiing including awesome guidebooks, websites, word of mouth and many others. I will outline a few different ideas to get you started and psyched. Have a great winter and play safe!

 A great resource for all of Canada and especially B.C, this website has it all. Great route descriptions, an online forum (with lots going on) and lots of other great information on Backcountry skiing/snowboarding. Check it out

Link: Backcountry Skiing Canada Home Page

Roger's Pass is a mecca of Backcountry Skiing in Canada. Tons of terrain, big mountains, deep snow and great skiing. The area lies in Glacier National Park and while there are regulations that you must follow, it keeps this place wild and in good shape for years to come. Making a visit to the new Discovery Center beside the hotel is a must.  They have very experienced park staff members, a great public use guidebook of ski tours in the area, a voluntary check registration book and other great resources as well. Some areas do require you to register (and obtain a free permit) as well as you must have a valid park pass to use and park in the area. Here I have included a link to get you started. There are also many guidebooks to the area that should get you an idea of the classic ski tours around. Remember this is big country and avalanches are common here so play safe and have fun!

Link: Rogers Pass - Parks Canada

 A couple of great guidebooks exist for skiing/riding in the wonderful Backcountry of B.C. Here a just a few of them that are worth purchasing and having in your collection. 

Summits & Icefields -Columbia Mountains
Roger's Pass Ski Touring Guide

Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis
Alpine Ski Tours In The Canadian Rockies

West Kootenay Touring Guide

Whistler Ski Touring Guide


The two most important and awesome Canadian Websites:

Link: PARKS CANADA - Avalanche Information & Bulletins
Link: Canadian Avalanche Association Website/Bulletins

And one last great website with lots of good skiing/climbing info posted by mountain guides in Canada:

Link: Mountain Conditions Reports - ACMG

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