Monday, March 29, 2010

Mt.SLEESE - Chilliwack River Valley, Epic Alpine Rock!

The potential for amazing climbing in the Chilliwack River Valley is endless. Those of us that have driven through have probaly come close to swerving off the highway while being preoccupied with looking at the cliffs and mountains around. To just barley scratch the surface there is Northeast Buttress of Mt.Sleese; a very big adventure with high quality climbing in a alpine setting. The weather and remoteness of this climb make it a serious endeavour, but with the right planning and a bit of luck you will be rewarded with an awesome climb. The route in it's 24 pitches is a mix of moderate climbing (5.7-5.9) and 4th class, with options of up to 10c variations. Included here is a brief but good description of the route along with a good topo. Kevin McLane's Alpine Select also has the description of the route. Enjoy and have fun this summer!

Link: Mt.Sleese - Northeast Buttress
Link: Northeast Buttress Topo

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