Friday, March 26, 2010

Hope, British Columbia - A Bouldering Destination!

Just recently a friend and myself were trying to plan a bit of a bouldering roadtrip that would cover all the best areas in southern BC. We stumbled upon some really good spots, but we never knew there was such a huge amount of problems and potential in the Hope area. Areas just full of awesome granite boulders with tons of problems on them and room for much more. I found a really good resource to some of the main spots worth visiting, I will just post a link here that should send you right to a printable guide. Some areas are right in or near Hope and some are in the area. Enjoy!!

Bouldering Guide Link: Hunter Creek

Bouldering Guide Link: Lake Of The Woods

Bouldering Guide Link: Harrison Hot Springs

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  1. This is cool check out my travel the canyon website for some info, a great place to check out is the Sasquatch cave, the channel also has a video on the sasquatch caves. Lots of giant rocks there!