Friday, May 11, 2012

Cougar Canyon Bouldering Guide 2012

 After lots of work, photo taking, trail maintenance, brushing, tree chopping, rock moving, and sending; Cougar Canyon's Bouldering has taken off. Can you believe I saw over 15 people Bouldering down there the other weekend. Trails are getting defined, there are shouts of beta echoing around the canyon, there is chalk evidence all over the classics, and people have finally realized one main thing; the climbing is good down here!!!

Partly due to this high amount of traffic and the many new problems, I have put together one final 'new' high quality guidebook for the Bouldering in Cougar Canyon (3rd edition) but where this guide differs from the others is the detail. Color photos, lots of area information, more detailed directions/beta and some fun route icons are just a few of the new features. The guide will be available through True Outdoors (old Valhalla) locations in the Okanagan Valley (high quality prints) and for free download here on this webblog. Get out there and enjoy all that Cougar Canyon has to offer and have a great summer!!!

Guide: Cougar Bouldering Guide 2012 Edition


  1. I believe something is wrong with page 6, everything makes a nice booklet, but that page messes it up. Great work either way

  2. Any info about the road up for us non 4×4ers?