Friday, June 17, 2011

Cougar Canyon Climber's Survey

A great grade survey that Lyle put together. Many new climbers to Cougar Canyon feel that some of the routes are tad bit sandbagged, in my opinion some are a little off, but this gave people a chance to put in their two cents. After you get use to the climbing here in Vernon, things at least feel like they are consistent to the area(s).

Courtesy of Lyle Knight:

"From the “it’s just data” category, here’s the results from the Cougar Canyon grade survey.  Have a look, share it around by email or blog, it’s a fairly limited response (15) and not a lot of surprises.   At the end of the day future guidebook authors can take the opinions under advisement in concert with their own views"

The Survey: Cougar Canyon Grade Comparison Survey

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