Thursday, January 6, 2011

Early Season Start - Ice Climbing Near Revelstoke BC

Never really knowing when the first ice route will come in between Sicamous and Revelstoke, a cold arctic flow of air swept down and set us up for a nice early season of ice/mixed climbing in these parts. Some obscure routes formed up and then fell apart all within a few weeks. But.... for the keen climber there was some excellent climbing while it lasted. Although it is cold again now, it might take some time to recover from the +5 and rain for a solid week, but I'm sure the routes will be in great shape very soon. Here are some pics of the climbs, now off to ski tour in Rogers and check out whats in good shape (Greeley??!!!) for next week. Merry Christmas to everyone who takes a look at this page now and again and all my friends and family!

Oh ya and an updated Malakwa, B.C ice topo for the masses....
Ice Climbing Topo: Malakwa Ice


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