Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ontario Rock Climbing & Bouldering

Leslie Timms climbing at Lion's Head overlooking Georgian Bay

Being from Ontario, I only started climbing there the last year and a half I lived there. I didnt get the chance to visit many of the areas that I'm going to include here, but they all seem to have something to offer. From the Niagara Glen to Bon Echo to Mt.Nemo, there is enough established here to keep a climber busy for some time. I have collected as many topos as I could to include here and I hope to be able to visit some of these sweet areas in the future. Enjoy the upcoming fall/changing colours climbing season!

Click here for Beaver Valley/Bruce Peninsula:
Excellent database for a lot of good info about climbing in Ontario!

 Bruce Penisula/Lion's Head

Mt.Nemo Rock Climbing - Milton, Ontario
Rock climbing on the Niagara Escarpment close to Toronto

Niagara Glen Bouldering - Niagara Falls, Ontario
THE bouldering spot in southern Ontario, lots of problems!

Rattlesnake Point Rock Climbing - Milton, Ontario
Rock climbing close to Mt.Nemo on the same rock. Close to Toronto and area

Red Rock Cliff - Pembroke/Barry's Bay, Ontario
Excellent climbing in a beautiful area, just near Algonquin Park/Pembroke. The go to crag in the Ottawa Valley

For Bon Echo's guidebook refer to the 'rock climbing' downloads on the this home page. There is one other crag that is problay one of the best in Ontario and it's called The Lion's Head on Georgian Bay on the Bruce Peninsula. You can aquire the guidebook in many outdoor stores across Ontario and it should be a must on any serious rock climbers list. Beautiful climbing right over the lake on awesome limestone! Oh ya and did I mention Thunder Bay???............................


  1. Hey Allen! Just stumbled across this post via a google search. You should come check out some of the climbing around our house one of these days. You always have a place to stay. Hope all is well my friend. Les

  2. Wow! This an amazing pictures.. I love this place also.

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