Monday, May 23, 2011

Syphon Creek Climbing - Salmon Arm Rock Climbing!

I have been recently climbing at an awesome crag in Salmon Arm called Syphon Creek. The climbing was great, and although there was not a ton of climbing, there were some really nice moderate roots on high quality granite. Some of the cracks reminded me of Squamish a little. Anyways, I just wanted to give some extended beta, so anyone visiting this site can get there no problem and enjoy the scenic waterfall, good rock and wonderful atmosphere.

To start off, the guidebook 'Shuswap Rock' only gives directions that make sense if you are from the area and before there was residential development. So just a fine tuning for those who are not farmiliar with the Shuswap. If you drive west on the Trans-Canada Highway from Salmon Arm, as you leave town the highway shoots north (the lake is now on your right), after about 8kms from the edge of Salmon Arm you will see a sign indicating Pierre's Point Rd. (campsite/cottages) on your right. A few meters before this look for 50th Ave. NW on your left. Hang a left here and continue past where it hooks south and turns into 50th St. NW.(just stay on the pavement) After 2.5kms from the TCH you hang a right on 40th Ave. NW, where there will be Gleneden Fire Hall on your left. Follow this for 1km until you see a dirt parking lot on your left. From here the crag is about a 15-20 minutes hike up stream. With the Shuswap Rock Guidebook you should be good to go!

These next routes of mention are probally the best here (the majority of). No Refunds is one of the best layaway/layback sport climbs Ive ever done and the rest of the cracks/climbs have a very interesting feel to them. Aesthetic would be the word that comes to mind. Although there are only a few climbs, they are worth the visit! Lots of cool moves that make the climbs feel longer than they are.

Once there some recommended classics I got on were:

DERAILED - 5.8+ -20m - GEAR

LAY ME DOWN - 5.9+ - 22m - GEAR (white)
NO REFUNDS - 5.10+ - 20m - SPORT (yellow)

LONE PINE - 5.10 - 20m - BOLTS (blue)
THE FORT -  5.7 - 20M - GEAR (white)

LEDGE-IBLE - 5.7+ - 18M - GEAR

Also at the waterfall crag are these two gems (no pics sorry):

ZIG ZAG - 5.8 - 20m - GEAR (right hand crack route)
IRON CROSS - 5.10 - 20m - MIXED (left hand route)


  1. Many thanks for the description. Holidaying with the family at Blind Bay this week, never been to the area, looks perfect for a quick hit.

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