Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Cougar Canyon Bouldering Guide!

After a whole bunch of scrubbing, rock moving, exploring and trail marking, almost 20 new problems have been unearthed and a whole new area has been introduced. The bouldering in Cougar Canyon close to the city of Vernon has recently become one of the better bouldering areas in the Okanagan, with high quality problems, pretty good landings and tons of potential it just keeps coming. For those in the area who have took a wander down in the bottom of the canyon, you must of seen the amount of rocks, it just took a keen eye and a little effort.

Included here is a small guide I have finished that is a printable little book. When you print the document, print page 1 on its own, then print pages 2-12 on the two sided page option. The pages are all set up so when you fold them it becomes a book, throw some staples in it and you have a sweet little guide book. Hope everyone enjoys it! Bring your pads and brushes and see you out there! Oh ya did I mention, most of the bouldering stays in the nice cool shade down here, so it should be a great spot in the summer heat!!!!

Guidebook: New Cougar Canyon Bouldering Guide


  1. Glad to see that this information is shared freely on the internet not sold for a profit. The cougar guide books sold in the store doesn't even cover the costs of putting new routes in the canyon. More volunteers would be great to do trail, craig, and outhouse maintenance well needed throughout the season.

  2. Thanks for the guide. I'm in Vernon for a couple weeks and I've spent a few days in Cougar Canyon, climbing some great routes and boulder problems. I appreciate all the work.

    I climbed what may be a new problem, and it's pretty good. In Moss Hollow, when facing Super Mario, there is a smaller boulder to the left. It's right by the trail, and there is a blue piece of foam next to it.

    The problem starts on a big rounded sloper and climbs out over a roof using an upside down pinch. Finish with a mantle to the top of the boulder. It's a bit dirty now, since I only had a small boars hair brush, but I'll try to get out with a wire brush and clean it up better. I'd say its about V2, and two stars IMO. If it is new, then I'm calling it "The Awkward Turtle".


  3. Please remember that Cougar Canyon climbing area is situated within a protected Ecological Reserve. Removal of rocks and vegetation can have extremely damaging impacts on species at risk such as the western yellow-bellied racer and the western rattlesnake. This area is designated for the protection of these sensitive species, and destroying their habitat is harmful and disrespectful (not to mention illegal!)