Friday, January 8, 2010

Ice Climbing In Malakwa, British Columbia

Driving east from Sicamous all of sudden you enter a much deeper valley and poof! 4 really good ice routes and a whole bunch of cliffs rise above the Trans Canada Highway. On the north side of the highway there are 3 areas with ice up to WI5 and on the south side, a big blue WI4 hidden in the forest. There is definitley potential here for many more routes with some exploration and even though the season is probaly short, it is a really beauty place to spend a day close to home. The routes have little or no avi hazard and they all have short approaches. Along with the routes around 3VG, there is enough here to enjoy a good few days of ice climbing. Although the climbs are on Crown Land, make sure to ask permission first from the locals seeing how some of the approaches pass over private property. Mini-topo included here, keep on exploring and i'm sure it will grow! Please tread lightly and play safe!

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